Monday, 30 June 2014

Be the boss of Mica Boss...

Hi everyone,

Now this is a completely different type of post for me, but I thought it might be of some interest to thought I would share.

I have had a product called 'mica boss', or 'sticky embossing powder' as it is also known, in my stash forever, but my efforts in using it have gone pretty much unrewarded and it has been put back and forgotten about!  So I decided enough is enough... I WILL be the boss of mica boss (sorry...couldn't resist), so I had a good ol' play around with it, and thought I would share my findings here.

Mica boss/sticky embossing powder is exactly what it sounds like, it is used in exactly the same way as embossing powder, i.e poured over a sticky ink like Versmark and heat up/melted, the difference is, it stays 'sticky' until something is added to the top of it.  It takes all sorts of mediums, like gilding flakes, foils, mica powder and glitters and is a lot less messy than glue!

So like I say, it is used in much the same way as normal embossing powder...stamp your image in a sticky ink (my preference is Versmark) and heat with your heat tool.  I found that it is a lot more effective if you don't over heat it, and also, apply your chosen medium as quick as possible.  I started with gilding flakes, so had everything at the ready to apply once I had melted it...

I got my heat gun nice & hot first, then zapped the powder as quick as i could, as soon as the powder has melted, move on to the next area as 'over-cooking' the sticky embossing powder really effects how sticky it is, and can lead to some pretty unsuccessful results.  As soon as it has all melted...add your chosen medium...

As you can see in the very top photo, I had 2 different types of  sticky embossing powder and wanted to test them both to see if there was any difference.  I found, without a shadow of a doubt, the Ranger 'sticky' is by far superior and gives a much more clear and crisp result.

So once I felt I had my technique down (don't over-heat and work fast - be prepared!), I was ready to try a few different mediums...

I definitely should have took more detailed photo's, but these are all my different results using gilding flakes, glitters, mica powders, and foils.

I really enjoyed using this product once I got used to it, and found it so much easier than messing around with glues!  I would say it worked best with gilding flakes and glitter and the results can look pretty awesome.

Here is a selection of my favourite results made up into simple little cards.

I hope if you haven't already, this might encourage you to give it a go, it's a lot of fun and very versatile.

I hope to see you again soon, thanks for stopping by.


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